Welcome to AAS 2023.

Our products can help you teach hands-on spectroscopy!

Our classroom, gas tube spectrometer ($395) is popular in college and high school Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry classes.

Eliminate the frustration of hand-held foil spectrometers!  All you students will easily see the same thing at the same time!

See a quick video demo here: www.fieldtestedsystems.com.

Our Star Analyser grating ($195) with our RSpec software ($109) enables you to capture astronomical spectra with a DSLR or small telescope. See www.rspec-astro.com.

And, see our Periodic Table of Spectra 36×24″ color poster ($29.95): www.fieldtestedsystems.com/poster.

I’m the founder and CEO of Field Tested Systems, and Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope Magazine, 2011 – 2021.

Questions?  Contact us at www.fieldtestedsystems.com/contact