The latest version of RSpec for the Mac is 1.0.14. You can download the disk image with this link.

Changes in this release:

  • The Live Camera tab now has a button can now record the live video stream from the spectrometer to an MP4 video file. This can be helpful, for example, when you’re observing a fast-changing spectrum like a candle flame.
  • The Video File tab is now active, allowing you to play MP4 videos.

The above video capabilities are often used by educators to provide students with videos to analyze using the software.

  • The Image File tab has been expanded to load FITS files. FITS files are a standard image format used by professional astronomers for their telescope images. If you’re looking for interesting FITS files for classroom activities, let us know.

Changes in Previous Releases

  • Cosmetic improvements: new icon, other color changes
  • Added two buttons in left panel to allow loading of sample Hydrogen and Helium spectra in case camera isn’t available.
  • Added new menu option: “Check for Updates” on the standard RSpec program menu (leftmost, top menu)
  • Other internal changes to improve performance