Periodic Table of Spectra

Periodic Table of Spectra

Our gorgeous Periodic Table of the Elements poster is a wonderful teaching aid and a great compliment to your current periodic table.

See the emission spectra of all the elements. Your students will immediately understand that each element has its own spectral fingerprint.

Hang it in your office, lab, man-cave or women-cave.  We’re sure that with a bit of negotiation you’ll be able to convince your spouse, partner, roommate, parent or dog to let you hang it in your living or dining room…

Tom and Tyson

Above:  Neil deGrasse Tyson showing off his poster

This 1.5 mil laminated poster is 24″ x 36″ and is a high-quality, high-resolution print with brilliant colors.

Also, makes a great gift to a colleague or office-mate!


Above: the Periodic Table of Spectra on display in the control-room of the
NASA airborne Boeing 747 telescope SOFIA. (NASA printed it on metal in two pieces.)
Click for larger view.

US and Canada

Poster Price: $29.95

UPS shipping is $13.95. Delivery time: 2 to 3 days. Up to 3 posters fit in one mailing tube so the shipping cost is the same for up to 3 posters!

For more economical shipping in the US, order a poster but include no other products in the order. When you check out, you’ll see an option for shipping via USPS Media Mail for $6.95. Transit time is 2 to 3+ weeks.

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Above: poster close-up showing
the Hydrogen Balmer series.

Want an easier way to teach light, color, and spectra?

Our RSpec Explorer spectrometer (below, $395) is a compact, turn-key live video spectrometer.   Whether it’s used for hands-on labs or classroom demonstrations, teachers love this easy-to-use device.  Learn more:


Use your DSLR to capture the spectra of stars!

Screw our Star Analyser 100 grating onto the lens of your Canon or Nikon DSLR and capture the spectra of stars like the one below.



When you load the photo into our Windows real-time spectroscopy software, RSpec, you’ll be able to detect the hydrogen and other elements on the star:


Great for a high school science project or the scientifically or artistically curious adult. Getting started is easy. The grating is $195.  The software comes free with our RSpec Explorer spectrometer and is $109 by itself. (Optionally, our $39.95 AD-58 thread adapter adapts your camera’s lens cap threads.)


We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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Capture Spectra of Stars in your backyard

How to capture star spectra

More details on capturing star spectra: link.