These tutorial videos demonstrate the operation of RSpec Explorer software.

1. Overview: See what RSpecExplorer can do in your classroom: link.

2. Getting Started: link.

3. Using a dark background: link.

4. Showing the Balmer Series: link.

5. What’s a star made of? link.

6. Navigating and configuring the software: link.

7. Working with Spectra: link.

8. Customizing the screen appearance: link.

9. Exporting to other programs: link.

10. Quickly setting the zero-point: link.

11. Doing a full calibration for higher accuracy: link.

Bonus video: Flame spectroscopy: link.

Looking for a student activity? You can provide them with sample star spectra and have them “discover” Hydrogen. See for videos. Contact us for sample data you can provide your students.

Questions?  We love to answer questions. Chat with us live, or send us a note from our Contact page: link.